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Our clients tell us we have the best orthodontics reward program in Spokane Valley and Cheney.  A great orthodontic treatment experience doesn’t stop when you leave the office. At DaBell Orthodontics, because we strive to make the entire orthodontic treatment fun and exciting, we have a great orthodontics rewards program for our patients to enjoy. On top of this, we encourage our patients to do their best; not only within their orthodontic treatment but in their whole lives.

What Is DaBell Orthodontics Rewards Program?

This orthodontics reward program is a lot of fun for our patients. Every patient receives a rewards card that looks like a credit card. This card is presented to them at their first visit prior to the beginning of treatment. Each time a patient comes to see us, we give them points for being on time. If a patient has braces, they get points for no broken brackets, for wearing their rubber bands, and for keeping their teeth clean. If a patient has Invisalign aligners, they receive points for wearing their aligners consistently, and for coming to their appointments.

Why the Rewards Program Matters

DaBell’s reward program really motivates patients to do their best when it comes to their treatment. It also gives the patient something special to look forward to when they visit our office. Patients receive points for doing things outside of their orthodontic treatment as well. For example, if patients do good deeds within the community or in school, they’ll receive points when they come in for their next visit. We also give points for participation in contests at the office and online alike. The results are that patients are bringing in their report cards to be rewarded with points, smiles, congratulations, and celebratory high-fives.

An Enjoyable Experience

Young patients and parents have shared with us that this rewards program is one part of our office culture they really enjoy, and it has created memorable experiences that keep them coming back. When patients acquire enough points, they can redeem their points for a vast array of gift cards, which are ordered online. Some of the gift cards available are iTunes, Target, Amazon, various restaurants, and even movie theaters.

The Opportunity to Give Back

2nd HarvestOpportunities for patients to donate their points to a worthy cause to help raise money for various charitable organizations periodically arise. Most recently, we had a points drive for Second Harvest Food Bank. Patients could donate their points, which were turned into dollars and donated to the food bank. This was a success for both the community and our patients alike.

Patients Can Stay Involved

One of the great parts of our patient rewards program is the opportunity for patients to stay involved and gain reward points even after they’ve completed their treatment in our office. This is possible through various games and contests both online and in the office.

The best way to receive points through DaBell Orthodontics rewards program is by referring friends and family to come visit our offices. That way, we get the opportunity to give back and say thank you for recommending and thinking of us. We can never say thank you enough for telling your friends about our office, for bringing in your family members, and for being an awesome patient. This rewards program is a fun way for us to say thank you for being amazing.

For more information about our motivational rewards program and various orthodontic treatments at DaBell Orthodontics in Spokane Valley and Cheney, call us at 509-565-8049 today.

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