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Looking for an orthodontist for teens?  The majority of our patients at DaBell Orthodontics are teenagers, which is not surprising since the teen years are the most common time in life for people to have orthodontic treatment whether they choose braces or Invisalign. Our team at DaBell loves that many of our patients are teenagers, as it’s an important time of life and we really feel like we can impact these patients in a positive and meaningful way.

The Orthodontist For Teens

Teenagers go through a lot, from schoolwork to extracurricular activities, our teenage patients know they can come to their appointments and be treated by professionals who are truly interested in their well-being and their lives. As with many adults, teenagers want to be heard and noticed. We take great pride in treating all of our teenage patients with respect and kindness, and as a result, our teen patients look forward to their appointments in our office.

We Give Teenagers Options

One main reason that teenagers love coming for their orthodontic treatment at DaBell is that we give them treatment options. Many teenagers are looking to be like their friends and come in hoping to receive braces similar to their peers. However, many teenagers now are also interested in an orthodontic treatment that is less visible, such as Invisalign. With these clear plastic aligners, teenage patients can go through their treatment without the look of braces and still receive the beautiful smile they desire.

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We’re a Convenient Orthodontic Practice

At DaBell Orthodontics, we realize that our patients – especially teenagers – lead hectic lives. With school, rehearsals, practice, and other activities that keep their schedule busy, they have a hard time fitting in appointments for orthodontic treatment. It’s important to them to have access to before and after school appointments, so that’s what we provide.

With offices in both Spokane Valley and Cheney, patients from all over the area find that our offices are conveniently located. This is not only a time-saver, but it also makes accessing orthodontic treatment easier for teenage patients.

We Believe in Fun!

orthodontist for teensOur office is a fun place to be for all patients. We believe in involving our patients in the fun so we offer activities such as a rewards program, patient appreciation events, movie days, and even a cruise! Community is important, and both teenagers and their parents take notice. We support our community and schools and wholeheartedly believe that this makes us an orthodontic practice like no other. With involvement in various community programs and sponsorships, we can connect with our patients on a different level.

At DaBell Orthodontics, we strive to be a wonderful place for teenagers to be, providing them with the results they want and a smile they can be proud of. Whether they’re seeking treatment for straight teeth for their senior picture, or want a straight smile that’ll give them the confidence boost they need, we take pride in providing them value and a great experience throughout their entire treatment.

If you or your teenager are seeking professional and personable orthodontic treatment in Cheney or Spokane Valley, call 509-921-1700 to schedule an appointment with DaBell Orthodontics today.