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Why do teens love the choice now available for braces? Getting braces used to be something onerous that kids had to be talked into, and many found it embarrassing to have to wear those clunky metal mouthpieces. But those days are long gone, and teens today have so many choices when it comes to braces that they actually look forward to the process. And thanks to these options, the discussion in many households has gone from “do I really have to get braces?” to “which braces can I get!” And when it comes to braces for teens in Spokane Valley, the options are numerous, because you can choose from traditional, modern, and ultra-modern teeth straightening technologies.

A New and Improved Version of a Traditional Style

When many people think of traditional braces, they think of large, unattractive, and highly visible metal braces with wires everywhere. And while metal braces are still available—and are still a popular option—the look and feel of them have come a long way over the years. Today’s metal braces are smaller and less visible, are more comfortable to wear, and they’re even more effective than ever. Not only that, but you also have the option of accessorizing your braces with custom color choices, so you can get a new look every time you come in for an adjustment.

Novel Alternatives Provide You with the Luxury of Choice

Metal braces aren’t the only teeth-straightening technology anymore, and teens today have the luxury of choosing between metal or ceramic braces, plus the latest braces-free technology called aligners. Ceramic braces are clear, less visible than metal braces, and they’re just as comfortable and effective. And the most popular new kid on the block for teens’ braces in Spokane Valley and Cheney is Invisalign, a clear and near-invisible braces-free alternative for teeth straightening.

Making a Decision

Choosing between your orthodontic options can be difficult, and there are many pros and cons that you’ll have to weigh.

Metal braces

  • This is a tried and true technology that works. Because they’re always on your teeth, they’re always doing what they’re supposed to. The major drawback of this style of braces is that they’re quite visible, and not everybody likes that.

Ceramic braces:

  • These are similar to traditional metal braces in that they’re always on your teeth, but they have the added benefit of being much less visible. Unless people are up close and personal, they may not even realize you’re wearing braces.


  • These invisible aligners are removable like a retainer, which means you can take them off when you eat or brush your teeth. Aside from that, the major benefit is that they’re almost completely invisible. The drawback, however, can be that if you’re not disciplined about wearing the aligners, they’re not going to be able to do their job of straightening your teeth.

When you’re trying to choose between traditional braces, ceramic braces, or Invisalign in Spokane Valley, DaBell Orthodontics is the place to be. We can help you determine which option will result in the most successful treatment for you, and that is our main concern.

Both braces and aligners will be effective when worn properly, and if you come into the office to discuss your options, we can help you figure out which choice you’re going to love the most. We have plenty of experience helping teens, and we can help you decide which teeth straightening option will be most successful for you based on your needs and your personality.

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