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The Cost of Braces and How We Make Them Affordable in Spokane Valley, Cheney and Liberty Lake

Wondering how much braces cost?  You’re not alone, braces are a big investment for families, both financially, and in the amount of time-related to appointments and proper care. Whether you’re investing in your child, or in your own dental health as an adult, braces are one of the biggest oral health investments in a lifetime.

Braces provide an enormous life-long benefit for patients. They increase an individual’s quality of life, confidence, and overall health, making them worthwhile, and effective. But, braces are still expensive despite their tremendous value. Here at DaBell Orthodontics, we understand this and do everything in our power to make this treatment accessible and affordable for patients.

Work with Dental Insurance Programs

At DaBell Orthodontics, we accommodate the vast majority of dental insurance programs available today. We work to maximize insurance savings and take advantage of all possible benefits available to patients. We greatly appreciate our patients, and patients appreciate our assistance in maximizing their savings.

FSAs and HSAs

We always strive to educate, inform, and utilize other available tools that patients may have, such as flex spending accounts and health savings accounts. We help individuals use pretax dollars to pay for healthcare expenses, like braces for their children. These savings and alternative spending routes help parents afford necessary treatments for their kids.

In-Office Financing

Our in-office financing offers flexible terms to patients looking for alternative ways to pay for their investment in braces. These flexible terms include:

  • Low down payment options
  • No down payment options
  • Monthly payment options – payments are spread over the anticipated time in treatment and beyond in some cases

These flexible terms and payment options make treatment as affordable as possible for everyone.

All of us at DaBell Orthodontics strive to make orthodontic treatment as accessible and affordable as possible. This ensures patient satisfaction and allows individuals and families across a wide spectrum of social situations access to necessary orthodontic care. We do all that we can to make orthodontic treatment a priority in patients’ lives, without putting a massive strain on their finances.

We do the best that we can for our patients, no matter the situation. Conveniently located offices in two areas – Spokane Valley, Cheney and Liberty Lake – our practice is easy to access, and our approachable staff continuously attempt to accommodate any interested individuals and families. For an orthodontic experience like no other, contact DaBell Orthodontics to book your appointment today.