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Choosing an orthodontist is an important decision.  While you may have a referral from a friend or dentist, it’s important to consider a number of factors before you make your final decision. Your family’s relationship with your orthodontist can last for years, and the benefits of orthodontic services can last a lifetime. A visit to your orthodontist is also a highly personal health experience, so you really need to find one that makes you and your family feel comfortable.

While there are many things to consider, here are three things to think about when making your final decision: 

1. Office Comfort

ffice comfort helps patients feel right at home. Office comfort includes comfortable furnishings, schedules that run on-time, quick appointments and compassionate care. Since siblings may also accompany you on visits, iPads, hot chocolate, toys and books give everyone something to do while you’re here. DaBell Orthodontics waiting rooms are so fun and comfortable that your whole family will want to come for your next appointment.

Many patients enjoy visiting an office prior to an appointment to gain a sense of familiarity. During your free consultation, you will meet the members of your orthodontic team, tour the office and get a feel for the practice.

Some orthodontists take the orthodontic experience to another level.  For example, we at DaBell offer a “SWAT Team” program that keeps younger kids enthusiastic about maintaining good dental health and coming to their orthodontic appointments.  We even offer an online rewards program where patients can earn points to order gift cards, play games and more just by being great patients.

2. Convenience

Your trip to the orthodontist should also be quick, easy and convenient. You have better things to do with your time than waiting for orthodontist appointments.  When thinking of convenience, consider the following:

Schedule integrity

We understand you are very busy and that your schedule must run like clockwork for you to stay on time. Choose an orthodontist that has a reputation for starting and completing appointments on schedule. Your time is too valuable to wait for an appointment or spend more than the scheduled time for an orthodontic adjustment.

Office hours

Many dental professionals keep limited daytime hours. This means patients can potentially miss a lot of school or work for orthodontic appointments. Look for an office offering early and late hours to allow plenty of time for an appointment before or after school.

3. Treatment options

Your orthodontist should be able to offer you the kind of treatment options you are looking for.  Make sure they have the right option for you.

  • Orthodontic treatment for patients of all ages
  • Braces – metal and tooth colored, with colors and without
  • Invisalign – a series of invisible, removable aligners that straighten teeth without braces
  • Surgical orthodontics – surgery to straighten your jaw and improve your ability to chew, speak and breathe or to improve the appearance of your face
  • Acceledent – a state-of-the-art mouthpiece that uses micropulse vibrations to speed up the movement of your teeth and reduce the overall duration of your orthodontic treatment
  • Emergency care – to alleviate those problems that can be associated with orthodontic treatment or to correct a painful appliance problem

Your teeth are special. Your family’s teeth are special.  The orthodontist you choose should be committed to providing outstanding, customized orthodontic treatment, friendly, personalized customer service and an experience consistently exceeding the expectations of patients and their families.

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