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Why do kids love DaBell Orthodontics? Over the years of providing high-quality and comfortable orthodontic treatment, we’ve continuously asked our patients for feedback about how they feel about our office. We hear from kids of all ages, and their answer is almost always the same: they love coming to our office.

Kids love DaBell. This is a result of hard work and dedication to great patient experiences.  Creating an exceptional and comfortable environment is something that we strive for as an office every day. There are countless reasons that patients keep coming back, but there are a few key reasons that led to us being the kid and family-friendly orthodontist office that we are.

The Care that Counts

First and foremost, all of us at DaBell Orthodontics truly care. We care about our young patients, their siblings, and those who aren’t yet patients of ours. We greet our patients warmly and talk to them during their treatment.  By taking an interest in how school is going, what activities they’re involved in and any exciting events in their lives, we get to know them and develop a friendly relationship. By going the extra mile to communicate and really get to know our young patients and their loved ones, we get to know them as not just patients, but people.

We Make Orthodontics Fun

Kids Love DaBell OrthodonticsIn order to be a kid-friendly orthodontist, we know we need to have fun. We often hear from our young patients that we have a positive, comfortable, and fun atmosphere within our office. From our kids’ area that’s fully-equipped with bean bags, books, and iPads, to a drink-making station for kids to make their own refreshments while waiting, there are lots of fun activities to do while at our office. Creating a fun, enjoyable experience for young patients and their siblings is just another reason that kids love DaBell Orthodontics.

Engaging Contests and Programs

In our office, we encourage our patients and their families to get involved with amazing contests and programs for our young patients. We have a kids rewards program that offers points on a “rewards card” for excellence in their treatment, areas where they’re active and thriving within their lives and doing their best in school. As kids participate in contests in our office, they have the chance to receive points on their rewards card and redeem those for gift cards. What kid doesn’t love that!

Another kids program is called The S.W.A.T. Team (Straight, White, Awesome, Teeth Team), designed for patients who haven’t yet started their treatment. These patients receive a SWAT Team kit which includes a SWAT Team Badge and a SWAT Team Handbook to help them track their dental growth and development. It’s a way for kids who aren’t yet in orthodontic treatment to participate, have fun, get cool stuff, and they love it.

Community Involvement

Other programs we offer are patient appreciation movie events, snow-cone days, and lake cruises. We sponsor teams, events, and schools, creating a sense of community that kids appreciate.

Kids are proud to be involved with us. One of our programs, My Teacher Rocks, allows kids to nominate their teachers for a chance to win a gift basket and gift certificate for their teachers along with a pizza party for their class. Kids love doing good for others, especially their teachers, who they look up to each and every day. This contest is held once a month and we truly believe that when kids win, we win. This continued community involvement is just another reason why kids love DaBell Orthodontics in Spokane Valley and Cheney.

DaBell Orthodontics has a happy staff that will welcome you when you come in with a smile and open arms. When you and your kids come into our clinic, we make sure to greet you by name and take the time to catch up with you. We enjoy seeing your smiling faces, and through this passion for patient satisfaction (in and out of treatment), we’ve created great relationships with all of our young patients. This is why people, families, and especially kids love DaBell Orthodontics.

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