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beyond pinkOctober is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but DaBell & Paventy is getting a head start by being a sponsor for Beyond Pink. Breast Cancer affects more than just our grandmothers or mothers. This awful disease has far-reaching implications, and DaBell & Paventy is proud to be raising awareness one dollar, one sponsorship, one blog, one fact at a time.

About Beyond Pink

Beyond Pink has raised more than $1.7 million for women throughout the Spokane Valley to assist them with paying for their thermograms – a temperature-specific diagnostic imaging technique used to detect breast cancer. They do this by hosting virtual and live events and silent auctions. This year, Beyond Pink will put on a LIVE “fun-raiser” at the Davenport Grand Hotel in beautiful Downtown Spokane on September 23, 2023! Join them for a fashion show and silent auction that will benefit hundreds of women in our community. Learn more about Beyond Pink.

Breast Cancer Facts

go pinkKnowing the facts can not only increase awareness, but it could save a life. Here are five facts to remember:

  • 264,000 women get breast cancer every year and 42,000 women die from the disease
  • Men also get breast cancer
  • Breast cancer is not always a ‘lump’
  • Maintaining a healthy weight can reduce your breast cancer risk
  • Drinking several glasses of alcohol a day can up your breast cancer risk
  • While most breast cancers are found in women who are 50 years old or older, breast cancer also affects younger women

Breast Cancer and Your Dental Health

Breast cancer patients and survivors have to worry about a lot when it comes to their health, but their dental health can also be a concern. When patients go through chemotherapy, a lot happens to their mouths and teeth. Two more serious issues are:

  • Mucositis (a severe form of inflammation of the mouth)
  • Increased risk of infection in the mouth. If the drug suppresses white cells, which normally protect against infection, deep cleanings and other invasive procedures such as tooth extraction can result in infection.

DaBell & Paventy wants to encourage those who have gone through breast cancer treatment, or who may be starting, to continue their routine dental care – as it may become more important during this time.

Get Involved

Whether you attend Beyond Pink, donate to a local charity, or want to spread awareness across social media – nothing is too small a step. It is incredibly important that more money is raised and more awareness is had – not just in Spokane but around the world. Together, let’s save lives.

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