How much do braces or Invisalign® cost?

Don’t go SHOPPING for ”Cheap braces”

Why choose us if someone else has a cheaper price? With DaBell, Paventy & Magnuson Orthodontics your smile adventure is guided by a licensed orthodontist, using the highest quality materials, assuring you the best possible treatment outcome.

How does DPM Orthodontics compare to others?

There are many options for getting braces and aligners. And some are cheaper than others. But you usually get what you pay for — and with something as important as your teeth, it can be crucial to make the right decision.

Mail-order aligners Braces/Invisalign at a general dentist Cheap or discount orthodontic offices DaBell, Paventy & Magnuson Orthodontics
Treatment is overseen by a doctor
Treatment is provided by a licensed orthodontist
Orthodontist is highly involved in planning and procedures
Bite Correction is provided, not just straightening Sometimes Sometimes
Orthodontist gives each patient proper amount of attention, rather than just technicians
Free from hidden fees Sometimes Sometimes
Highest quality materials used Sometimes
Free retainers for life program is included in treatment!
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The cost of braces or Invisalign®

You should only pay for what you need. We don’t charge extra for Invisalign®, in fact, our starting price is the same no matter what you pick. No two mouths are the same, so the price for your treatment may be different from this, depending on how much work your smile needs.

Watch the video at the top of this page to learn more about our pricing and what you get for your investment!

Braces OR Invisalign®

Limited alignment
from $3,680
Add $500 for Bite Correction
Moderate alignment
from $4,480
Add $500 for Bite Correction
Significant alignment
from $4,980
Add $500 for Bite Correction

Financing from as low as $98 per month

Personalized Payment Plan

We will work with you to create a personalized payment plan based on the treatment you or your child needs. We offer interest-free financing and low monthly payments.


We understand that braces for siblings can become expensive, especially when treating more than one at a time. That's why we also offer discounts for immediate family members!


We offer interest-free financing and do not require credit checks to set up a monthly installment plan. We make braces attainable and affordable for you and your family.


We also offer a special discount if you pay for your treatment in full. Please contact us for more information.

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Keep it in the case

“Free Retainers for Life” program

One of the "hidden extra costs" in getting braces or Invisalign® is the retainers you need to wear after your treatment to keep your new smile beautiful and prevent your teeth from moving.

Other orthodontists charge a lot of money for replacements if you lose your retainers or they break.

At DaBell, Paventy & Magnuson Orthodontics we provide replacement retainers for FREE – forever!*

* This is a crazy added value deal, so we have to set a couple of requirements in the small print: You must keep and bring your retainer molds. You will need to pay for new molds if you have failed to wear your retainers often enough and your teeth have moved as a result. Maximum of 1 free set of retainers per year.

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