What is the difference in the cost of getting braces against the cost of living life with crooked teeth?

What is the Cost of Not Getting Braces?  It’s possible that somehow you managed to escape wearing dental braces when you were a child. Your parents may have felt they were an unnecessary expense at the time, or maybe they listened to you when you refused to get them. Now, however, you realize that these crooked teeth staring at you from the mirror every day need to be addressed.

Or maybe you’re a parent, and you’re wondering if your child really needs braces. Your son or daughter hasn’t said much about their crooked teeth, but you’re worried about the kind of impact not fixing things now might have on their future. Are braces worth the investment?

When you start thinking about getting braces in Spokane Valley you’ll start weighing the difference in the cost of getting braces against the cost of living life with crooked teeth.

What are the reasons for crooked teeth?

There are many reasons why a person’s teeth end up crooked, twisted, or overlapping in their mouth. An example of some of these are:

  • Mouths which are too small for their teeth will cause the teeth to be overcrowded and out of alignment.
  • Upper and lower jaws which are not aligned can cause an overbite or underbite.
  • Losing baby teeth too early or losing adult teeth can cause crooked teeth or a misaligned bite.
  • Pressure on the teeth and gums from jaw clenching while you are awake or while sleeping can cause tooth movement.
  • Any facial injury that affects the jaw can create problems for the alignment of your teeth.
  • Toddlers and older children with thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, or extended pacifier or bottle usage can adversely affect the alignment of the teeth and jaw.

What are some of the problems caused by crooked teeth?

Teeth that are crooked can cause physical and emotional problems for people. Studies have demonstrated the role of healthy, straight teeth, and good oral health on self-esteem. A poor self-image can cause depression and ultimately other health problems down the road. Also, don’t forget the impact that your crooked teeth might have on you socially and professionally. Your smile is one of the first things people notice when they meet you.

Dental issues that can be fixed by braces also affect us physically:

  1. Teeth that are crooked can cause gum disease from bacteria which develops into the plaque on our teeth. This can lead to a need for expensive gum procedures down the road.
  2. Plaque causes cavities which can lead to the need for filings.
  3. Misaligned teeth will continue to wear on each other, potentially necessitating expensive dental treatment.
  4. Teeth that are not properly aligned are difficult to brush leading to pockets between teeth where food can hide. Leaving food on your teeth leads to the development of cavities as well as periodontal disease.
  5. Teeth that protrude are at a much greater risk of damage by being chipped or cracked.
  6. Bad breath often results from bits of leftover food lodged between uneven teeth.
  7. Misaligned teeth and other dental issues can also affect your overall health. According to studies done by the American Dental Association, this can lead to a higher risk of strokes, heart disease, pneumonia, and diabetes.
  8. Unnecessary tooth loss can occur if misaligned teeth are not corrected.
  9. Expensive implant restorations may be an unfortunate result of tooth loss.

When you consider all the expenses potentially resulting from not treating misaligned teeth, it makes sense to schedule a consultation appointment with an orthodontist in Spokane Valley as soon as possible. Contact us today so we can work together to bring you a healthy, beautiful smile and save you the high cost of more expensive dental treatments in the future.

Click here to book a free consultation today.

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