DaBell & Paventy Celebrates Grilled Cheese Day, Thanks Referring Dentists

take it cheesy

Who doesn’t love a grilled cheese? Add some bacon, maybe an avocado, and you’ve got yourself a truly gourmet meal. . . at least we sure think so! April 12th was National Grilled Cheese Day (yep, they have a day for everything these days)! Our team at DaBell & Paventy thought it was the perfect time to celebrate and thank referring dentists.

Trusted by Dentists in Spokane

We love living in a place with such incredible health and dental providers. We trust our friends at many of the dental clinics in Spokane and appreciate each and every patient they send our way for orthodontic work. In honor of Grilled Cheese Day, we are gifting panini presses, assorted cheeses, and specialty baked breads to our referring dental offices!

Celebrating Grilled Cheese Day

Of course, the referring dental clinics weren’t the only ones enjoying some ooey-gooey deliciousness this month. Our team had our fair share and can’t wait to see what other yummy ‘national days’ come up in the near future.

Reasons We Love Cheese for Your Teeth

You may think we just love grilled cheese because of its gooey goodness – and you wouldn’t be completely wrong – but there are actually many dental benefits to eating cheese! Cheese contains many vitamins and nutrients necessary for strong and healthy teeth, such as calcium, phosphorus, vitamin D, vitamin B, and more! No – your diet shouldn’t only contain cheese, but it is a great addition and partner with other healthy food.

As dental specialists and cheese connoisseurs (usually in that order), we recommend tooth-friendly cheese varieties such as Monterey Jack, Blue Cheese (like Roquefort or gorgonzola), Cheddar, or a softer variety like Brie or Camembert. Pair this with a salad of leafy greens and your teeth will be better than ever.

Happy Cheese Grilling!


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