Top 5 Tricks to Relieve Your Braces Pain

Due to the movement that the teeth must endure in order to straighten, soreness and pain are typical. But don't despair! Pain relief is just around the corner!

Braces pain is not a common occurrence, but if you experience it, here’s the Top 5 Tricks to relieve braces pain. Sometimes getting that perfect, straight smile you’ve been dreaming about comes with a bit of pain and discomfort along the way. Due to the movement that the teeth must endure in order to straighten, soreness and pain are typical. But do not despair, as braces pain relief is right around the corner. We want to provide you with tips and tricks to alleviate some of that pain and discomfort. Listed below are the top 5 tricks for braces pain relief.

Eat Cold Foods

Ice cream and smoothies are especially recommended during the first few days of having braces, as you become accustomed to them in your mouth. The cold offers relief from the tension that is naturally occurring as your teeth shift. Cold foods promote a gentle numbing effect that will lessen the pain and allow you some relief. Even after getting the braces tightened, opting for something cold will bring a bit of comfort.

Salt Water Rinse

Braces sometimes create sores and irritation on the cheeks, lips, and gums that can be very uncomfortable. Rinsing your mouth with salt water every day will help soothe your mouth and heal the sores that develop. You’ll need to mix a teaspoon of salt with a glass of warm water and rinse your mouth thoroughly. You can rinse with this solution several times a day for braces pain relief.

Topical Numbing Cream

There are creams and gels that were made specifically for mouth discomfort. Numbing creams like Orabase or Anbesol contain ingredients that will decrease the immediate pain and pressure you feel from the braces. Placing the gel on the gums is advised. However, they can also be used on the blisters and sores themselves. Also, there are numbing lozenges typically used for sore throats, such as Cepacol, that can also provide a numbing effect to the mouth that will help with pain.

Use Dental Wax

This wax really helps many patients with the sores that sometimes form in their mouths as a result of braces. The metal brackets and wires can rub against the delicate skin in the mouth and cause irritation. This can make it difficult to concentrate on much else. Dental wax can be used to provide a soft barrier between the metal and the inside of your mouth.

Heating Pad

If the pain is unbearable, try using a heating pad on your jaw. Or alternatively, a warm washcloth. The warmth will help to ease the pain generated by the tightness of the braces. Warm liquids like tea, may also provide some relief. Similar to how cold substances numb, heat helps to lessen the pain.

If you still experience consistent braces pain after trying these tricks, there are other options available to help with pain relief, to schedule a free consultation.

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