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Are you looking for a great orthodontist, but wondering how to choose an orthodontist?  Have you ever wondered how people get those pearly, straight-toothed smiles? Chances are, they weren’t born with it. More often than not, these people had their teeth moved by an orthodontist.

An orthodontist is a dentist that furthers their education and training to shift patients’ teeth and jaws into a position that will give them a beautiful and confident smile. Only 6% of dentists in the U.S. are orthodontists. Not a lot!

With fewer orthodontists to choose from than dentists, making the decision on who you’d like to treat your orthodontic needs is an important one. While all orthodontists have completed dental school and specialty training, not all are the same. Here are some helpful things to consider when choosing an orthodontist to help ensure you make the best decision for your family.

  1. Does the orthodontist make you feel at ease? You should be comfortable and confident with the treatment recommendations given to you. If you are confused and have unaddressed concerns after leaving the office, consider that a red flag!
  2. Does the orthodontist have a good reputation for achieving excellent results? Ask your friends and family if they recommend someone in your area. Talking with others is a big help in choosing a reputable orthodontist!
  3. Does the orthodontist have real-life positive testimonials from current and past patients? There’s nothing like hearing it from someone else who has gone through the same thing!
  4. Does the orthodontist have experience and expertise? Your orthodontist should have credentials to demonstrate his or her expertise. Many orthodontists have furthered their orthodontic education by joining local, national and board certified orthodontic societies.

Choosing the right orthodontist comes down to finding one that you can trust to give you the treatment you want in an environment that makes you feel comfortable. Many orthodontists offer free consultations so that you can determine if the practice is a good fit for your wants and orthodontic needs.

This decision is a personal and important one. Don’t settle. Orthodontic treatment is an investment; and it’s important that the orthodontist you choose makes an investment in you as well. You deserve to not only enjoy the results of your treatment, but the whole process of the treatment too!

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